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Homeowners Insurance Inventory

Protected with Summitt Insurance Agency?  Strengthen your coverage with this free resource for homeowners in Duluth, Norcross, and throughout Georgia

The case isn't closed once your home insurance coverage is in place—insurance is a fluid and fickle product that requires constant attention in order to optimally function.  Unfortunately, coverage is a hands-off process for many insured, leaving risks unmanaged and potential threats unaddressed.  The result can be crippling costs, an ineffective claims process, and one massive headache.


A friend to all insured is the Insurance Information Institute (III), an organization constantly working to build up public understanding of the confusing, but learnable topic of insurance coverage.  Through their free resources, articles, and definitions, all customers of Summitt Insurance Agency can better educate themselves on an industry constantly in motion.  Click here to visit their website for more.


One resource from the III that we stress all of our insured take advantage of is Know Your Stuff® Homeowners Insurance Inventory.  A free program, Know Your Stuff® makes the cumbersome process of accounting for and documenting your assets a more  efficient and accessible process.  To learn the details of home inventory and utilizing Know Your Stuff®, check out this video:


Interested in using Know Your Stuff® from the III?  Click below to sign up!


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If you're a smart phone user, Know Your Stuff® is also available for iPhone and Android users.  Click below to find out more and the opportunity to download immediately!


   III Know Your Stuff® Mobile Apps   


If software or mobile apps aren't your preferred method, we also have homeowners insurance inventory sheets available for free download below (Microsoft Excel file).  These sheets are able to be fully edited and feature a comprehensive list of many valuables and rooms each insured may have.  Take some time to tour your home, carefully recording each asset that in the event of a claim, will be fully covered as a result of your efforts.  Provide both digitally-stored and physical copies to the close family and friends who will be there for you in the event of a difficult situation with your home.  If you have any questions, always feel free to call us at 770-448-9331 or contact Summitt Insurance Agency online.


   Download Homeowners Insurance Inventory Sheet (XLSX)   

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Summitt Insurance Agency features a team of professionals well-versed through a legacy of superior service to all of our customers.  Educating and strengthening existing coverage is a large part of what makes our agency shine.  Located in Duluth, GA, we also serve Norcross, Lilburn, Lawrenceville, Suwanee, Johns Creek, and surrounding areas of Georgia.  If you are looking for an agency with the experience and attention necessary for proper home insurance protection, request a quote today to get the process started.