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Summitt Insurance Agency encourages our neighbors to join the statewide conversation on distracted driving

Each day in the United States, 8 people are killed and 1,161 are injured due to distracted drivers—how will you help to reverse the trend?


As mobile devices become increasingly universal, their presence out on Georgia roads increases as well.  The temptation to use these devices, often to read and send text messages, presents a very serious threat to not only the driver, but also cars around you.  Using your cell phone on the road is especially dangerous because it combines the three main types of distraction: visual, cognitive, and manual.

Since 2010, texting and driving was made illegal for drivers in Georgia.  Nonetheless, some auto operators continue to use their devices on the road.  To learn the specific of these laws, read more below:

   Statewide Prohibition of Texting While Driving   


   Georgia Cell Phone Use Laws for Teen Drivers   

Summitt Insurance Agency especially stresses the importance of focus on the road for our young drivers in Duluth, Norcross and throughout the state.  As a teen driver, it is imperative to develop responsible driving habits early on and continue to employ these throughout your driving career.  Teens are more susceptible to the temptation cell phone use brings and their inexperience behind the wheel makes distracted driving crashes one of the leading causes of teenage deaths across the United States.

To battle the issues presented by texting and driving, Summitt Insurance Agency invites our car insurance customers to Take the Pledge, promising to leave your mobile device out of your driving habits.  A contract is available for download below courtesy of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.  Take the time to discuss these thoughts with close friends and family, especially teen drivers just beginning to enjoy the freedoms that come with driving.

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   Take the Pledge   


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